Inspectorate General

Under the authority of an Inspector General, the Inspectorate General is in charge of:
• evaluation of service performance against targets set in conjunction with the Secretary General;
• internal control and evaluation of the functioning of central and decentralized services, under supervision of the agencies and organizations and related projects;
• Information Minister on the quality of the operation and performance of services;
• the evaluation of the implementation of the organizational and technical methods, as well as the simplification of administrative work in conjunction with the relevant departments in charge of administrative reform;
• the implementation of the strategy to fight against corruption in the department, in conjunction with the Ministerial Unit for the Fight against Corruption.

It includes, in addition to the Inspector General, two (02) Inspectors.

In fulfilling its mission, the Inspector General and the Inspectors have access to all documents controlled services.
As such, they can:

• a written request, information, explanation or document managers controlled services that are required to respond in a timely manner;
• provide, on an ad hoc, the necessary staff within other departments of the Ministry, requiring the police, if necessary, with the assent of the Minister and in accordance with the regulations, to lend a hand to eventually find violations of public funds.

Each inspection or control mission gives rise to the drafting of a report to the Minister with a copy to the Secretary General. The Minister addresses a copy of the report to the Minister of Administrative Reform and the Minister in charge of Supreme State Control.

The Minister addresses a quarterly monitoring report and the annual activity report of the Inspector General to the Prime Minister, Head of Government.

Technical Advisers

The Technical Advisers perform all the tasks entrusted to them by the Minister.

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