CAPAM was created in 2003 by the Prime Minister Head of Government.

From 2005 to 2009, it implemented the first phase of the program “Support for the Development of Mining Activities (CAPAM)” called Project “Support and Organization of Mining Crafts (CAPAM)”. This Program, considered eligible for HIPC financing, was financed in its first phase for a total of CFAF 4,668,920,000.

The ongoing dynamics of mine development are among the significant impacts of the implementation of this first phase of the Program.

At the end of this first phase, CAPAM consolidated its position as a mining actor and impetus for socio-economic development in the Arrondissements, as an operational and secular arm of the Ministry in charge of Mines and the State, and as a concrete model of implementation. implementation of the requirements of growth, employment and implementation of the DSCE.

CAPAM has become a machine with an important heritage in terms of expertise, mastery of realities on the ground, human, material and financial resources, the relevance of the operational system, trust towards investors and operators mining, sealed partnerships.

A draft Decree that transforms CAPAM into a Center for Support and Promotion of Mining Activities has been validated by the Minister in charge of Mines, the Prime Minister Head of Government and is at the high sanction of the Head of State.

The second phase of the Program is intended to consolidate all these achievements and to develop them further.

The CAPAM is born from the following observations:

  • Demonstrated interest of the Cameroonian mining potential for the available investment. Need to continue promoting the development of this potential
  • Poverty, an important economic potential for available investment. Need to bridge the poverty gap through relevant microprojects, projects, mechanisms, and programs with positive and quantifiable impacts in relation to poverty alleviation and growth
  • Facilitation for an easy connection between worthy potential and available investment. Need for Cameroon to control the circuits of national and international financial engineering, to be able to raise the financing, and to value its revealed potential worthy of interest
  • Production dynamics at the expense of consumption dynamics for communities and local populations. Need to facilitate the popularization of this dynamic
  • Deficit as of valuation date of the known Cameroonian mining potential; the need to value at each level of the 371 boroughs of the country the types of recognized mineral potentials that are precious substances, base metals, energetic substances, industrial minerals, construction materials, servicing, and ornamentation, water resources.
  • More than 50% of Cameroon’s territory remains unknown in terms of geology and mining information; need to improve geology and mining information with the identification of new mining targets 
  • Need for Cameroon to concretely implement the Strategy Paper for Growth and Employment (DSCE)
  • Need for the country to increase the growth rate to double digits
  • Need for Cameroon to achieve from the current actions Cameroon vision country emerging in 2035
  • Need to make populations and communities of local drivers of wealth production, increase and diversify national production for a significant contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • Need for Cameroon to secure all its mining production for the purposes of national statistics and competition for growth, and also secure mining sites and actors
  • Need to enhance value and locally transform our national productions to give them added value, boost the industrial fabric of the country, increase the technical and technological capacities of local actors, and diversify the trades for local human resources more important with enhanced capabilities
  • Need for harmonious conjunction and synergy between small and large enterprises in general, the small mine and the industrial mine
  • Need for Cameroon to have a coherent and relevant program device that pulls growth from production and that encompasses not only production activities but also all socio-economic aspects that contribute to the improvement of conditions and the framework affected populations, including related infrastructure
  • As part of the implementation of the policy of decentralization and balanced development of all the localities of the country, need to have a Program that values ​​the specific potential of each of the 371 districts of the country
  • Need to set up and implement a self-centered development system based primarily on the entrepreneurial motricity of local populations and communities with possible input from partners
  • Need for the state of Cameroon to be at the center of impetus of the dynamics of production and economic of the country. The State should be part of a Mining and Socio-Economic Holding with the prospect of subsidiaries in each of the 371 districts of the country
  • Need for a national center of expertise with the aim of boosting socio-economic development in the boroughs
  • Need now to focus on the obligation of result for designated officials
  • Need to put in place a program that facilitates young people of all ages, of all genders, all levels of training, to become individually and collectively entrepreneurs-producers in opposition to the reflex of employees-consumers.

All these necessities justify the program “support to the development of mining activities (CAPAM)” built to address the above concerns and to constitute a model of integrated development that certainly includes other sectors of the economy, but which can also be applied to these areas there.

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